Saturday, March 5, 2011

What A Great Pawty It Was.......

Mariodacat Day 3-3-11
(Another update of photo coming soon) 

Hi Pals,

WOW, what a fantastic event that was!  I'm still trying to get my paws back on the ground cuz I feel like I'm floating on Cloud 9!   This event in my honor was way more den I deserved.

A few days before the event even started, my good friend @CathyKeisha loaded dis picture on TwitPic declaring a Procolmation dat 3/3/11 be MariodacatDay.  All my pals signed it and we has a copy to keep forever.  Wow, I even has a whole day named after me.  Our President of the US does not have his very own day becaue he shares the day with all past presidents.

My last blog post talked about all the pals coming dressed up as me all week.  What a blast dat was.  I even posted a picture of a few.  @AutumnTheDoxie is presently updating the picture at the top, but so many pals were sending in their pictures, she couldn't keep up before the event happened.  She'll be finishing it dis weekend, and when I get the latest copy, I'll post it in my blog.

Just before the event started on the cruise ship, our mail lady delivered a package to me.  It was so exciting.   A 5" x 7" picture of me was in the envelope.  I'm so honored and want to thank @Cokiethecat's mom at BoHoPets very much for dis picture.  M and I just loves it.   Cokie's mom is so very talented.
Den today I learned they are giving 20% off through 11:59 pm Sunday, March 6th (tomorrow)  on all their Tuxie cat souvenirs with my picture on it.  They has pendants, key chains, stickers and buttons all with my picture.  How cool is dat.  I told M we has to head over there after we gets the blog published.  (She even listened to me - do I have her trained or what.)  If you are interested, just click on and scroll down to where you see "Find Us On FaceBook."  

The pawty started with @TinyPearlCat picking me up in her hellicopter.   It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  In fact, it was fun and I'm ready to go again.  Dat Pearl is an amazing driver - she didn't "crash" us even once.

Tiger Tomny talked his Dad into throwing the bash on a cruise ship, but catered by #nipclub.  What a fantastic job he did with the menu.   Even the menu was tailor made just for me with all kinds of Wisconsin goodies and drinks.   To see the great menu, click on  Everything was so good.  Thanks Tiger Tommny and dad (@TheNascarKitty.
(@Tiger Tommy)

Dey also arranged to have my good friend @HollieCatRocks be the hostess for the evening.  Hollie did a wonderful job of escorting me various places when I was supposed to be there, and greeting pals as they arrived.   I called her the "hostess with the mostess."   She did a great job keeping me on schedule too.

My good friend @SeattleP did a wonderful presentation of the various anipals I had helped - accomplished only by having lots of help from my Twitter pals.  I could not have done all dis alone - they should all be up here with me.  


 Oh my gosh - I was also given Knighthood by the Purrime Ministerettes @ShivaandJaya, who were in Tahiti.  But, due to time travel in time zones, the knighthood had to be presented by their proxy @TheNascarKitty.  Thank you Shiva and Jaya so much for this honor.  It's so exciting to become a real Knight.  Does dat mean I get to sit at the Round Table too?

Photo Compliments of PepiSmartDog

While all this was taking place, my wonderful friend @MaggieTKat was asking quizz questions.   She had been working hard all week asking for donations for prizes.   Wow, some great prizes were obtained from so many wonderful generous pals. 
@Dougal's Den (@Frugaldougal)  - Key Chain, DVD, and Pen
@BoHoPets (CokietheCat) – Anipals Annonymous BumperSticker and Mario Magnet
@Smokey8 - Note Carts from @No_CryBaby_Dogs
@MrPie -  “I love Pie” badges
@Douglas' Den (@TheNascarKitty)  – Sausages Recipe Book
@Pasikas – Handpainted silk Scarf
@DCKitty – Certificate for Nip and Bones
@LilyLuWhoT - "Summer At The Lake With Petie” book
@Autumndadoxie - Barktini Dog Bowl
@ChesireC Hand-drawn fish notecards
@Pasikas 2 Hand-painted silk Magnets

Thanks to each and every one of you for your generous donation to make the pawty fun.   Thanks to @MaggieTKat for getting donations, record keeping, and giving the quizz questions for the major part of the evening.   Thanks to @DashKitten for taking over the quizz questions so Maggie could take a much needed nap.  Fantastic job on the quizzes Mags and Dash.

Oh man - the Shibbering Cheetos also performed, led by our own @Mattiedog and her rock group of @TrailerParkDogs and @Brutusthedane.  I don't know how they ever managed with their busy schedule to fly out to the cruise ship to perform cuz they are always booked in advance.  Thanks Pals - you really ROCK!

Den my good pal @PepiSmartDog gave a toast to me followed up with this picture the next day.   Pepi did a great job on the toast (much more den I deserved).  (shh ... don't tell anyone, but he got a bit tipsy - if you know what I mean - by the end of the toast and I had to help him off the stage.)

While all this stuff was going on, our fabulous bartenders and DJs continued to serve the best drinks on the house and play the best tunes anywhere. 

Fabulous Bartenders:
@GeorgeTheDuck and @SanjeetheCat

@JinJinDoggy & @PixelDoggy for jumping in early before barktenders even arrived.
@Meow_Girls did 1 hour alone den teamed up with @Tildatoo for the next hour
@Tiny Pearl Cat & @PumpkinPuddy

Fabulous DJs

@BunnyJeanCook, who also tended bar for a bit.

Thanks pals so much for spinning the tunes and keeping us all happy with the great drinks.   It wouldn't be a good Twitter pawty if you didn't faithfully volunteer for these jobs.

It was a fabulous pawty and I still can't believe all this was in my honor.  The credit should go to all my Twitter & Blog pals for all the tweets, retweets, and blog postings they have helped with over the past 2 years.   You all are the real heros.

We Twitter Anipals really know how to pawty dat's for sure.   But while we are having all this fun, our main goal is to raise money for an animal shelter.   I chose Happily Ever After for this honor (a no kill shelter in Marion, WI).   Special thanks to all who have donated to help the anipals.  If you would still like to donate, the widget is on my blog - just scroll up the page a bit and click.

Thanks to everyone involved in this pawty - wether you worked on the pawty, at the pawty, or attended.   I deeply appreciate your efforts.

Your pal,


P.S.  I sure hope we haven't forgotten to mention anyone.  If we did, please let us know so we can give mention. 


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

It was a wonderful pawty indeed! I got TWICE as many smoochies when I wore my Mario suit!!

Mr Puddy said...

Seem like I miss the pawty !
But Lucky I got you, I still see what was happen !
Look Fun !
Thanks for sharing

Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider said...

It was our pleasure, Mario. You're the coolest.
=^..^= Cokie the Cat

Pandafur said...

How magnificat! Iz so sorry I hadda miss it an happy it wuz so wonderful. You iz da bestest dear Mario *smooch*

HH and The Boys said...

Congratulations Mario... You are wonderful.

pawhugs, Max

The Island Cats said...

Mario, we're glad you had such a fun party!!

Admiral Hestorb said...

You IS the bestest and sweetest and handsomest man cat efurr!

Smoochies and paw hugs and fanks for what you do. ♥

Brian said...

That was a great pawty Mario and I'm so happy I was able to drop by. Wow, it sure was crowded, but I'm not surprised, everyone loves you Mario!!!

Anonymous said...

It was an honor to be hostess with mostess for your pawty and an honor to call you dear furrrriend... I am so happy we could all come together for you.... **pawhugs*** and much love for you and M and all you do for everyones xoxoxo

Lily said...

You are such a wonderful furiend to everyone Mario! it was fantastic to wear your fur and see what it feels like to be absolutely pawsome like you are! Love you Sir Mario!
<3 Lily

Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

you are such a special kitty Mario, you DO DESERVE this, and we lub you!

Mr. Breeze said...

Purrrr had a great time at da pawty. Not sure who I danced wif but I'm pretty sure it wasn't really Mario.

RRCatty said...

We didn't stay long at de pawty, but we did enjoy seeing so many of our friends there. You and M do a great job with with pawty's and such. Concatulations on having your very own day. Purrs you is a terrific kitty!

Cathy Keisha said...

I am honored to be one your furrends, Mr. daCat! Furrgot just how much I liked swing music. I hope next time we honor you, it won't be because of an illness. What a smashing pawty. Thanks for all you do for our community.

Tamago said...

Oh, wonderful Mario, you so deserve it!

Bunny Jean Cook said...

yay Mario - it was a great pawty! it was mai pleasure to participate and help raise money for Happily Ever After Animal Rescue. xoxo

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Mario you deserve EVERY day devoted to you!
I am sorry we couldn't make the pawty....we had a crazy busy weekend....I tried to stop by but couldn't.
Please know we are sorry and we DO love you!
Caren and Cody

Shiva and Jaya said...

Them must all address you as SIR now! If them don't, call us and we'll take care of them! MOL!

Your Purrime Ministerettes,


Marg said...

Oh Mario, that looks like it was just such a good party. We are so sorry we weren't there. Our M0m is not good at doing Twitter. But that is not excuse. We are just glad everyone had such a good time. Take care.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

You deserved every second of it and I was glad to barktend and help out for your pawty. *big hug*

Parker said...

Now that's what I'd call an awesome party!

Unknown said...

Mario, you so deserved that party. I don't think just a day is good enough, you need an entire week! Hurrah for Mario, hurray for Mario!Pawhugs and much love to you. ~^..^~

Your Daily Cute said...

I didn't get a chance to stop by the party, but I loved seeing everyone dressed up as you! How fun!

stlcatlady said...

Kudos and congrats, Mario. You deserve every single one of the honours. Reading this makes me all happy and teary eyed, and warm and fuzzy inside. You are a real life hero, and yes, you most certainly deserve your seat at the round table. hugs and snugs! Thanks for being your amazing self, and inspiring us all.