Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update on Siofrothecat

Siofrathecat Is Loved
Hi Pals,

My friend @Whskr suggested to me yesterday dat I do an update on Siofrothecat because her new mom had recently posted some pictures.    Why didn't I think of dat sooner!  Duh!  Thank you Whskr for reminding me.  I guess my little brain was not functioning and certainly M's wasn't either.

Siofra was adopted by the family of  @juliemangano on Twitter (also CuteWillieCat's mom).  Julie posted the above photo of Siofra being held by her young adult daughter.   Now, is this a great picture or what!   It seems Juilie's daughter and Siofra have adopted each other and Siofra spends most of her time with dat daughter whenever the daughter is home.   (ooo, I get so excited, cuz I just love stories like dis.)

Here's another picture of Siofra looking very comfy and relaxed in her new home.  

It just makes my heart to happy dat this part of the story had such a happy ending - thanks to @juliemangano for opening her heart and volunteering to adopt Siofra.      But, unfortunately, the other half of the story doesn't have such a happy ending.

Yesterday I happened to see a tweet come from @Igriffis, who is Siofra's first mom.   We do keep in touch on Twitter.   Well, please go over and read the bloggie she wrote:   The Good Ol’ Days of Temping http://bit.ly/gpSqzU and help just a little bit if you can.    And, please keep her in your thoughts and purrayers.

I don't usually promote raising money for the oomans because I personally know of about 10 others who are in the same situation and a few more who are close to it.   How do you choose one over the other to help?  But because @Igriffis was so very responsible in trying to find a new home for Siofra as her first priority, I thought I could at least do a blog post for her.  So please read her blog and, if you can, help a tiny bit.  It all adds up.

Until next time pals,



Brian said...

That was a wonderful update, it sure made my whiskers grin up!

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm so glad Siofra is so loved in her new home. She still has a very sad look in her eyes, though. We read her former Mom's post and that's what TW has been going through. In NY, employment agencies all want you to e-mail your resume and then you never hear back. Gone is the days when you can set up an appointment and talk with someone. You have to know someone and TW doesn't.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I am sooo glad that Siofra has found such a wonderful home! Sooo happy to hear that.
OMG don't get me started about being unemployed. I lost my job in 2007 due to downsizing and have been unemployed since. Trust me, not for a lack of looking and applying for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I live in Michigan (need I say more? One of the highest rates of unemployment of any of the 50 states). I worked in advertising for over 26 yrs (21 of those years were at ONE place)...the rest were when I moved to Michigan.
I applied for a waitressing job....(which I did in college)...was never called....
I applied for numerous retail jobs...guess what? I have a college degree, 20+ yrs of advertising sales experience but....I have NO RETAIL EXPERIENCE....what does that translate to? You got it.....wasn't hired.
The list goes on and on......add to the rest the fact that I am over 50......age discrimination? Ohhhhh yesss my little ones it DOES exist.......
I was forced to think outside the box and try to reinvent myself through blogging....(which I love)...it is a process.....
I'll get off of my soapbox now.

Lisa (Siofra the Cat's former mum) said...

Isn't it a blessing? I am so relieved and happy that Siofra has finally accepted her new family and is doing so well.

Thank you for the mention about my blog, Mario. I agree - there are so many folks who need help. I hope one day to be back on my feet so I can do more to help others.

One day at a time... :-)

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh I was so happy to read this Mario..I remember so well when that precious baby needed a new home and all we Twitterers went all out to help. What a beautiful picture and what beautiful people to welcome that darling and make her a member of the family.

The Island Cats said...

We are so happy that Siofra has found a happy home!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this update about Siofra. We all love having her as a part of our family, but she does seem to love Teala the most.

For the past couple of weeks, she's started sleeping curled next to Teala's belly or in the small of her back, purring loudly.

During the daytime she likes to sleep flat under the covers on the bed. Sometimes we worry that she won't get enough air, but if we pull the covers up a bit, she just sneaks down further away from the light.

She's starting to venture downstairs, mainly because she's trying to follow Teala's voice, but she never stays long. We're hoping that will be the next thing with which she surprises us.

Thanks to you and all our Twitter friends who check in on Siofra and send her greetings.


Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

yay so happy @juliemangano is owned by adorable Siofra now. That is so sweet that Siofra and Teala get along so well too.

Lily said...

Thanks for the update on Sweet Siofra Mario! So happy she is adjusting to her new home. will keep Lisa in my purrayers, hoping she finds a job soon!
<3 Lily

Mr Puddy said...

Great Job, My friend : )
as always you are a best friend for friends !

Bad Andy said...

Great news about Siofra! She is my new friend & I had no idea moved into new forever home. Thanks for letting us know.

@lgriffis is my new friend too! So sorry she having a hard time. I put her in my prayers now. xoxox

Marg said...

Oh my that is so exciting that Siofra has found a really good home. I bet she is excited too. Hope you have a fun day.

Princess Treasure said...

This is a nice story! I hope you are recuperating from the chipmunk hunt and escorting princesses to balls! Princess Treasure.

Tamago said...

Thank you for the update about Siofra, and it's a really good news :-) The photo of Siofra and Julie's daughter is so adorable. More happiness is coming for them!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Mario and M.