Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Versus Evil

"What do you mean I'm hampering?"
Hi Pals,

I don't understand oomans - do you?  I'm up here helping M with the bloggy and supervising her work cuz it's for her own good and for the reputation of my blog!   Now she has the nerve to tell me I'm hampering more den helping.  Sigh!  Oomans are so very hard to please.


Our good twitter buddy Nimbus of @UsThreeCoons needs our help.   He is diabetic, and has had several recent serious health concerns taking him back and forth to the v.e.t., for lots of tests,  plus trying to get his diabetic condition stabilized again.   They are facing gigantic vet bills right now, plus have 3 other kitties in the family.   The mom was working two jobs for awhile trying to get ahead of the vet bills and is getting worn out herself.    So some of my twitter pals decided to open a "chip In" to help with some of the vet bills.  If you can spare even a couple of dollars, it would help.   Lots of "little bits" add up to a big "bit."   No amount is too small.

Thanks for considering.  I know his mama will appreciate any amount dat is raised.  Oh, here is a link to their blog if you'd like to read some of what has been going on with Nimbus:

Wicked Mother Nature
I am was so  saddened by after hearing the news dat another earthquake has hit yet another country - Japan.   I have a couple of pals living there too - @NyatsbyKitti and @Aska_Alaska.   I was so happy yesterday to hear both are okay -  shocked and scared, but okay.   What is wrong with Mother Nature!  I always thought she was a good witch.   I think we need to FIRE her right on the spot - no vacation, no special compensation for being Mother Nature for so long - just get rid of her!   She's the evil witch!

Our hearts go out to all the oomans and anipals living in Japan.  They will be in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead as they try to pick up their lives and carry on.



HH and The Boys said...

Good blog post... It seems we are always hearing of one disaster after another. Purring for the people and anipals in Japan. Oh... and my "uncle" Fonz was diabetic. HH gave him insulin twice a day for 7 1/2 years... It's up and down with that and I send my thoughts to them on the challenge, but in many cases it can be managed, so don't lose hope. On my way to chip in right now in Fonz's memory.

pawhugs, Max

Pumpkinpuddy said...

I'm glad you posted about Nimbus. I have his ChipIn on my blog, too. I also have links to places that are collecting funds to help animals that are victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Cathy Keisha said...

The kitties and dogs must get so scared after an Earthquake and then they can't find their staff. Now with all the radiation from the crippled, blown-up nuclear power plant, they're going to be GLOWING. We must fire Mother Nature and those people who don't believe in Climate Change.

And, yes, M needs to re-read my blog and see that cats can lay or sit anywhere they want even if it's on something the peep wants to play with.

Lynx217 said...

aw fanks sweetie but er there only 3 of us, not 4 MOL. TSB would be going crazy if there were another one of us! it's been a real up and down roller coaster lately. thanks to u and Pumpkin and all the others for everything.


Mr Puddy said...

Always have good hope !
One disaster after another might teach us to learn to love each other more !
To appreciate what we got, To help each other.

Brian said...

I agree with the others, great post Mario! I'll take more good and a lot less evil please.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

An excellent post my friend, I know you're super helpful - humans are just weird.

Tamago said...

I don't understand why your human appreciates you enough!!

I am glad your friends in Japan are ok.

The Island Cats said...

We are purring for Nimbus...and we are purring for all those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan!

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Mother Nature, poor little seems like we just have to hang on for dear life in this world, Mario!


Abigail said...

Thank you for the updates Mario! Your mommy just needs anudder cup of java. Tee hee.
Be sure to sit on her keyboard to help her with typing :<) !
I am so happy (twirl) to hear @NyatsbyKitti and @Aska_Alaska are okay.

I am going to @UsThreeCoons now... :<( I am sad bouts dis. See you on Twitter xoxoxo


RRCatty said...

We love your blog, it is wonderful that you and M are so giving to other anipals. We always pray for those that are going thru such chaos in this world. We had some bad wildfires here. They aren't close to us but de air still smells like smoke. Hopefully it will rain later today and get rid of it. Mom says she knows we sense things so much better than hoomans and we have been anxious here lately.

Backcountry Brodie said...

So glad your Twitter furrends ofur in Japan is OK. That do be so furry skeery and horribulls. Mother Nature can be furry cruel sometimes.

"The Boys" and Karen said...

Mario, what are you sitting on? Well, whether the ooman is messing with your blog or not, you've got a really good one here. So try not to stress about it.

Thank you for letting us know about Nimbus and for remembering those in Japan.