Saturday, April 30, 2011

Broken Record - HELP again

Hi pals,

I'm beginning to sound like a "broken record" by asking for HELP again.   But I has two very important things to call to your attention today.

I know all you know Brian from Brians Home.  You all know how hard he works for the betterment of kitties and other anipals too.  Well, it seems that sweet little Precious still needs a permanent, forever home because she has to be out of her foster home in 6 more days.   Please go over and read Brians Home to learn the sad story of Precious.   Please help spread the word.   I did some tweets last week and will do more again this week.  Let's pull together and see if we can't find a permanent home for Precious.  Help broadcast this please.   Precious need a permanent home NOW.

The Animals in the Birmingham, Alabama area need our help as so many are suffering because of the terrible tornado destruction on April 28 and 29.     A blogging friend who is a veterinarian in Rochester, New York at sent me the following message:

"I spoke with a very dear friend of mine, Jacqueline Meyer, Executive Director of the Greater Birmingham Animal Shelter...The livestock in Alabama have been devastated...... they need help for those surviving and need medical building temporary shelters etc.

she said the situation is as bad as Katrina...

Here is the link to GBAS donation page...I assure you, this is a worthy organization.  Help The Farm Animals in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama Suffering From Tornado Devastation. "
Pals, the situation is bad in our southern states pals.  We pulled together to help the animals  in New Zealand and Japan after the major earthquakes, and also for Australia after the major flooding.   Can you now spare a few more $$ to help the animals in the northern Alabama area (which was hit the hardest of our southern states).   If you tweet or blog, please help with broadcasting the link to the Animal Shelter.  You don't even have to braodcast the link to my blog - just the donation link.

Thanks pals - you always come through when he chips are down.

Some day I'll have to tell you the story of how I met the veterinarian in Rochester, N.W.   But, that's good for another post.

Thanks pals.



Marg said...

Thanks so much for posting about Precious. She really needs a home. I will check out the page about the poor animals in Alabama.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Will help out the animals in the tornado zone and Precious. Great post.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Mario, you're a gentleman as always. We'll be checking out your suggestion concerning the animals in Birmingham and they can count on our support.

Precious, we're pulling for her. There's a home waiting out there for her, they just have to find out how precious she is.


Brian said...

Thanks for the Precious meow out pal, I sure do appreciate you, and so does Precious!!! I'll check out the other info too!

Oskar said...

So many pets needing so much help!

Nubbin wiggles,

The Island Cats said...

Mario, we are purring very hard that Precious finds that home. We know it is out there!!

And we are purring for all the animals affected by the terrible storms.

Mr Puddy said...

Well..Never try, Never Know...I might be late here but I will tweet for Precious any way..Might be someone for her out there ! I still have hope !

Clooney said...

As always Mario you are doing excellent advocate work. Thanks for that. (And thanks for dropping by and reading our stories, you are a good sport.) We really hope Precious can find a wonderful home, we purr for her. Happy May to you and your folks!

Ramblingon said...

Poor Precious. It breaks my heart when these babies must wait and perhaps not be going home.

I have always been careful about the Admiral not munching plants including closing the door the the room they were in when I was not able to supervise her. (long 12 and 16 hr. rotating shifts made it a closed most-of-the-time room. :-)