Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pugs and Doodles Update #4 and HELP



Hi Pals,

A quick update on Doodles and Pugs - their mom and 9-year-old daughter left for a shelter Tuesday night after dropping the doggies off at another daugher's house for over-night housing.    Because that daughter lives in a small 3rd floor, walk-up flat where no pets are allowed, obviously she can't keep them.  They have been boarded for a few days in the city where TheNascarKitty lives until we can get their flight arrangements made, get their necessary shots, etc and get them on the airplane to their new home.

A very generous person as loaned the money to cover the cost of the flight for flying both dogs to California.   But we need to raise a large sum of money now to cover @TheNascarKitty's boarding expenses for the dogs, vet bill, and also to reimburse the very kind person that paid for the flight.

Tonight at the #nipclub we will be holding a massive Fund Raiser to raise the money to reimburse that very kind person who paid for the flight, and reimburse @TheNascarKitty for the boarding bill and vet bill.  

The #Nipclub opens at 4:00 p.m. and runs to 12:00 p.m. EST.  Great music,  Fantastic food and drinks, and great PALS to hand out with.     We just simply have a great time.

We NEED TO RAISE THIS MONEY.   Please come to the pawty at the #nipclub tonight and donate whatever amount you can.   No amount is too small.

If you are a blogger pal and don't have a Twitter account a chip-in widget has been added to the right side of my bloggy.   Even if you can only contribute a dollar, it all adds up.



Admiral Hestorb said...

Thank you for all of your hard work, Mario and certainly all the others who helped with this good project.


Brian said...

Our Grandma is still in the hospital but will will do our best to stop by with some green papers.

Marg said...

I am so glad it looks like it will work out for the two dogs. I put in a small donation. Please keep us updated. Thanks for all your help with the dogs.

Pandafur said...

Its so wonderfur teh doggies iz going to noo homes, wat a grate effort

HH and The Boys said...

Great post Mario. I'll stop by tonight.

pawhugs, Max

Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

what a wonderful post Mario!!!

The Island Cats said...

We hope enough green papers are raised!!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

just donated! xoxoxo

-- said...

Oh, poor little pups. Good luck with your fundraising!