Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art Auction Round 2 - Paws 4 Japan

Art Work by Kirsten at BoHoPets

Hi Pals,

You'll  never believe this cuz I can't believe it myself! 

My pal @CheshireK is holding another art auction this week to raise money for Japan-Animal-Relief-Fund.   She held a very successful art auction two weeks ago.  

I has the original signed copy of the art work.   @CokieTheCat's mom over at BoHoPets created and presented the original copy to me at the recent NipClub pawty in my honor.   Anyway, Cokie's mom has donated one of the 5 Limited Edition, signed, numbered prints of her portrait of me for the opening bid at the Art Auction that just started today that @CheshireK is hosting.   I is so excited.  What an honor this is.

To read all about this art auction, just go over to @CheshireK's Art Auction Blog.  To place a bid, just enter your bid amount in the comment section.  Remember that all the money goes to Animal Relief Fund for Japan.

Hurry tho - bids for this piece of art work have to be placed by Tuesday, April 5th at 8:59 p.m.   That's only 2 days from now.



dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Cheshire's mummy is so talented and generous, what a lovely thing to do.

Brian said...

That is such a cool thing to do to help those that really need the help!!!

Marg said...

That is such a nice picture. We should go bit on it but we are a little short on green papers right now. What a talented person she is. Take care.

Tamago said...

Thank you for the info. I am Japanese and I greatly appreciate all the help by so many humans and animals.
This is a very cute picture!!

Angel Simba said...

Hi, Mario. Thanks for visiting my blog. That is such a nice picture. How very talented and a wonderful donation.

GRAÇA said...

I apologize for not coming soon but my dad is sick with his father and then have to go more often to his grandfather's house which is still far from where we live to get there took us four hours of motorway
I still had not come because of that, but now I'm here, I do not see how my friends esquesso
Turrinhas Girlfriend

Admiral Hestorb said...

That is a beautiful picture. Anyone would be proud to have that.

Clooney said...

Wow, what a great picture of you that is and a great idea for an auction. Very cool! Mario you rock, buddy!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful portrait! You're a perfect muse Mario.