Thursday, October 6, 2011

WARNING - Do NOT Ever Sneeze! (Thankful Thursday)

Hi Pals,

I did a bad, bad thing.   I sneezed a few times on Saturday and  Sunday.  Yup!   Then I also acted all tired out and no pep.   By Monday morning I was sneezing more and didn't eat too much of my breakfast.    Don't ever do this pals!  Never never do what I did. 

Before I knew what was happening ..........
I landed in prison and was forced to take a ride in that noisy, scary thing called a car!   At least D rode with me in the back seat while M raced somewhere!  

Next thing I know, I'm plunked on this thing called a scale.
Den I heard the lady behind the desk say I had gained 2 pounds.  She didn't believe her figures.  She almost accused me of purposefully gaining 2 pounds since my visit 2 weeks ago.    She said she'd have the vet tech weugh me in the back room!   I got carted off to another room where D took me out of prison and plunked me on this cold white thing. 

The white coat lady came in and do you know what she did?  She stuck something in my ... um ....rear end!  Gasp!   It's a good thing dat M's camera said "Battery Warning" or she would have taken a pic of dat too.

She told M I wasn't running a temperature, so she'd give me a new pill to take for a few days, and to let her know if I wasn't better by the weekend.   She said something about not doing blood work now, but maybe if this med don't work.  

Dat tech lady came in and shoved a pill down my throat, closed my mouth and rubbed my throat.   I had no choice but to gulp it down, even tho I wanted to really spit it back out at her.

The v.e.t. lady never did tell M what I had, but M keeps saying she thinks it might be allergies.   Don't know what dat means, but I know I don't want another trip to the v.e.t. lady.   She's a nice lady and I do like her, but she does things to me dat I no like.

So pals, under no circumstances should you sneeze.   You gotta learn to hold the sneezes in or go way back in a corner somewhere and hide so no one can hear you do it.   I sure learned my lesson about sneezing.

It's Thankful Thursday and I'm sooooo thankful I didn't has to stay at the v.e.t. house or get a shot.   I is also very thankful that M and D got some stuff figured out so we don't has to move.   You can read about it in M's new bloggy: 
I've joined CokieTheCat's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - hop on board with us and meet lots of new pals.



Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Hope you feel better and thanks for the warning!

Random Felines said...

Yep - gotta watch those sneezes. Though mom doesn't do this when Ivy sneezes - and she does it all the time...something about perma-snot. :)

Angel Simba said...

Uh, oh, I see what you mean about the aftereffects of sneezing! Those vet persons can be a real mixed blessing, can't they? Feel better real soon, Mario!

CATachresis said...

Mario, that's one thing you should never do. Another is, never take a whole day to spit up a hairball!!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, Mario, you learned a valuable lesson. Never sneeze. And hide your food in the planters if you don't have any appetite. That will get you jailed and poked too.

Brian said...

Oh no Mario, I sure hope that pill helps you out! My sisters and I are all sending you our very best purrs!

Sparkle said...

I hope you feel better soon, Mario! I have to be VERY careful around here because my human will drag me to the vet for seemingly any minor reason!

Princess Treasure said...

Sweet Mario,

We hope you feel better and do not have to repeat this horrible experience.

P Treasure and the PM.


Purr purr purr
Sweet Mario
We hope that magic pill does the trick and you don't sneeze anymore and that you feel better!
We will keep you in our purrs!!

All Ears said...

Hi, I just followed your blog on the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I have rabbits as companion animals and also have known the love of dogs. I am allergic to cats, but definitely not their blogs! LOL!
Look forward to getting to know you.
Mary Ellen

Mr Puddy said...

MOL..The way you explain your story is so funny Mario ; )
But are you sure That lady is a lady ? Lady don't stuck something in yours..I'm really get a picture..tee...hee
I purrs lots of lots of purrs for you my frined, I hope nothing get so serious and I hope you feel better so soon
Buddy Hugs

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mario! I hope you are all better tomorrow! And I love the idea of hiding your foods in plants around the house, corners and things like dat so M doesn't see it and finks you ateded it all up. Check into that. xoxoxoxox

Sebastian said...

No more sneezing, Mario! Hope you feel better soon so you don't have to go back to that V-E-T lady!

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for that advice, Mario! We sure don't wanna get taken to the v-e-t and have something stuck up our bums!

We hope you are doing better, Mario.

Oui Oui said...

Ugh, poor Mario!! We recognized that PTU! We have the same one but in blue. When we saw the picture, we all ran for the bed and hid before we could continue reading. We knew what was coming! While we understand why we should hide the sneezes, something also tells us to sneeze snot all over the beans. If you'd like, the next time this happens, we'll all come over and bite them for you! Deal?

marley said...

*holds nose* Doh sneedin for bee....he he

Cat with a Garden said...

Humans are so easy to scare, aren't they? We wonder what made you sneeze and so hope that it turns out to be nothing. Have a nice weekend, Mario!

Marg said...

Oh no, not the vet. Yikes. Glad you didn't have to have one of those awful shots. We also hope you feel better and no more sneezing. We will remember not to sneeze. Thanks for the warning. Take care. Hope you have a great week end

Anonymous said...

The cat I live with doesn't like the vet at all but I do because they give me treats. -Bongo