Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Until We Meet Again

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends - Blogger Friends and Twitter Friends:

I have been on Twitter for well over 2 years now and have had my bloggy for a year.  During that time I have met some amazing friends.   I love each and every one of you and treasure your friendship.   It's Thanksgiving week and I just wanted to tell you all that before something else happens and someone else crosses that bridge, I am very thankful for all of you. 

It seems like I have lost so many pals this past year as they crossed over the Rainbow bridge.   In the two months, we have lost four dear friends:   @LouisLeBeau @Tweetypie54, @Ryker_Tyker, and @Inigoflufflebum - all four very dear to my heart.  I know they are in a happy place now, have lots of old friends to play with that are there already, and they will never experience pain or hunger again - ever.   But I still really miss them and wished I had the chance to tell dem before they crossed over just how special they are.   I am so very thankful that I had the great honor to know them and call them friends.    My life was enriched because of knowing them and loving them.

Photo taken from OverTheRainBow Blog (OTRB)

@LouisLebeau was the first to cross within that two-month period around the end of October.   He had been battling cancer for a long time, and his peeps did everything they could possibly do to save his life.   At one point, they thought he had beat the cancer, but den dat nasty disease came back again.  Finally he was getting so weak and just couldn't stand anymore treatments.   His family decided, along with the vet, dat it was time to help him cross the bridge.   Because we lived with an big ocean between our houses, we were not always on at the same time, and I only got to know him after he became ill.   I can tell you that he was loved by all of us who knew him, and he was very grateful for our caring and prayers.   We all felt very sad when he crossed dat bridge.  
Photo from Tweetypie54 Twitpic

Gunner (@Tweetypie54) crossed over about a month later.   He had some serious health issues, but seemed to be getting better.   It was a big shock one day when his mama tweeted for him and said they rushed him to the vet and said "it didn't look good."  Gunner was such a sweetie.  He was always very thoughtful and had the most amazing sense of humor.   He started tweeting his friends on Tuesday and said Happy #TootieTuesday.  On Fridays we would all get a message for #FartyFriday.   Those messages always put a smile on our faces and made us laugh.   We are all so happy that Gunner is tweeting now from the other side of the bridge, so we still get to talk to him.

Photo from Ryker_Tyker Twitpic

@Ryker_Tyker just crossed the bridge early last week.   I hadn't seen him for a few weeks, but dat happens sometimes on Twitter.   Our peeps get behind in work, and our getting puter time just doesn't happen.   Den one day Ryker's mama tweeted for him dat Ryker had been rushed to the vet and wasn't expected to make it.   One minute he was peacefully sleeping and the next minute he was in critical condition and couldn't pull out of it.   We were all in shock!    This couldn't be our Ryker - the kitty dat loved to have a good time and was so full of life.  I has to laugh now when I think of his talking about his sisfur @Allie_Kitty.   Ryker alwayts put on dis big front dat she was a pest and made it seem like he didn't like her.   But, you know, he really did love her and every now and den it would show when he talked.  We are so happy to see his sisfur tweeting and hopefully Ryker will talk from the OTRB when he gets settled in.  Please see Ryker's blog with a message from his mama.  It's very touching with a very beautiful prayer read by our @DanaPixie, our #pawcircle leader.    Ryker's mom posted dat prayer in Ryker's blog.  Please take a few minutes to read it. 

Photo from Rumblepurr Twitpic

Now we hadn't even recovered from Ryker's leaving us, when we read in @Rumblepurr's blog that his dear brother @Inigoflufflebum had taken a turn for the worse, was not expected to make it, and his family was going to help him cross the bridge.   My first reaction was "Oh noooooooooo!"    You see Rumblepurr and Inigoflufflebum were among my first followers also.  We've been friends for a long time.   Inigo and Rumbles come from a very caring family, and both brothers were always there for us when there was a problem.  They worried bout me when I had all my toothies pulled and wondered how they could help.   They never failed to leave a comment on my bloggy.    I knew they loved each other, even though Rumbles would tease about Inigo about horning in on his bloggy and taking over the spotlight.   Rumbles loved his brother so much, and I'm sure now he just doesn't understand where Inigo went (cuz I don't understand it either).   If you have not yet read their bloggy, please go over and read it now:

Our dear friend @PepiSmartDog crossed the bridge a year ago.  I certainly couldn't understand why he was taken from us either.   But now Pepi leads a group of friends that have also crossed the bridge, and they always - always - no matter what time of day - help with the crossing of new arrivals.   Pepi has a blog just for Over The Rainbow Bridge friends.   Please go over and take a look at it  - and follow it too.  That way you can stay on top of who has crossed over.

Unfortunately Pepi is being kept too busy welcoming new arrivals.  We have seen so many friends cross that bridge just this year.  I had mentioned @MedusaJ (or Rosie) in a previous post - another dear friend who crossed.  Several of us told Pepi he should put a lock on the bridge so we don't have any more pals cross for a long time.

So dear friends, dat's why I wanted to do a special Thanksgiving Blog - not just for the day, but for all time.   I love you, appreciate all of you, and am very thankful for all my friends.   To my friends dat have crossed I say........"until we meet again some day".  To my friends still with us, I say "Happy Thanksgiving - I'm so thankful for you."  You need to know dat before something happens to you.




Katnip Lounge said...

Mario, as some of your newer pals we are touched by your love and thoughtfulness. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and hug your People tight!
XX Lounge Kats

Bunny Jean Cook said...

dats such a nice post Mario - fank u fur recognizing our furends who have recently gone over da RB. i am fankful dat u r mai furend too! xoxo BJC

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Mario this was the most beautiful post that it made me cry.

I have said from the first day I met you that you are a sensitive, gentleman always show me more and more that I was right.

you are so kind to do such a beautiful spoke from the heart.

We all love you too and you mean the world to us.......
We wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving...
Sending you hugs furever and ever!
Love, Cody and Caren

HH and The Boys said...

Mario... what a beautiful blog post and I'm very thankful you are my friend, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you...

pawhugs, Max

Pandafur said...

That iz bewtiful Mario, you haz expressed how we feel abowt all owr furrendz but we duzn't always noes how to say it. Iz gots wets in mai eyez now so I say *softpaw* for all teh hurties an I luvs you furry much.

Cathy Keisha said...

Very touching! I hate to lose so many furrends like all you mentioned and @TheNascarKitty and is it very sad for us. It's sadder for their peeps cos while they continue to tweet to us and make us laugh from OTRB, their human's arms and hearts are still empty and aching. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Marg said...

That sure was a fantastic post about all those wonderful animals that had to go to the rainbow bridge. We are very thankful to know all our blogger friends. There are a lot of really good people in this blogging world.
Take care and have a great Turkey week.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

My eyes are leaky from reading this beautiful post. You have such a way with words and say the things I wish I could say. I love my pals and I'm thankful for every one of them. Happy Thanksgiving my furriend to you and your beans.

Pirulo Furry said...

Oh, Mario, this post is so beautiful-snif- very well said, my friend. I just want to tell you that I love you, too. I appreciate your comments and support every time. I also miss my friend IƱigo very much. People say that death is part of the nature, but I don't believe it; it doesn't feel right.

The Island Cats said...

Hi Mario, you're right...we've lost too many good furiends recently...that's why we should cherish every minute with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sebastian said...

Thank you for writing such a lovely post. I'm glad you're my friend. *nosetaps*

Bad Andy said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful, buddy. Very thoughtful, and thank you for your friendship. :)

Buzz Lucas said...

Love you my pal!