Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Needing Help And Referrals

(Photo from @ChrisGroove1)
Hi Pals,

You all know about my thoothies - right?   If you don't, please read about it in this blog.  You'll find the tab taking you directly to it at the top of my home page.

Well, now on of my twitter buddies @ChrisGroove1 has a kitty headed for the same thing dat I had.   Dat nasty disease - Stomatitis!   In fact the vet has already diagnosed it for Rosalee.

Well, my good friend @Holliecatrocks, who passed OTRB not quite a week ago,  is letting the #nipclub do a fund raiser for @ChrisGroove1 in her honor.   Dat fund raiser will happen tomorrow night at the #nipclub starting at 4:00 pm EST to midnight.

I know the #nipclub patrons will be as generous as they can be, but I doubt dat we can raise all the money needed to treat this kitty in one night.    I can't tell you what this kitty's surgery will cost, but I can tell you that mine cost just under $10,000.  (YIKES M - is dat right?)   (Yes, Mario, it is.)    It is expensive surgery because they have to make sure they gets every little fragment of tooth cleaned out or the problem not go away.   Even if there is such a tiny piece left dat you can't even see with the eyeballs, it will not clear up.   If Stomatitis isn't treated correctly, it can lead to very serious diseases and you can even die from it.  

Rosalee at vet's office

Please consider donating even a dollar or two if you can.    There is no amount too small.   It will be greatly appreciated.   This kitty's mama just can't afford those kind of bucks.   Hardly anyone can these days.

If you happen to be free tomorrow night, join us at the #nipclub on Twitter as we have tons of fun.   The @ShibberingCheetos Rock band will perform at 9:00 pm EST.   At 8:50 they will be escorted to the nipclub by the BBOT (BadBoysOfTwitter) and PL (PinkLadies)   The BBOT and PL are a bunch of motorcycle riding cats & dogs dat like to help out animals all over.   We all sound tough, but we are a bunch of "pussy tats" at heart.    See the #nipclub blog for details:

Now for

Doggie Desperately Needs a Home

My buddy @BadAndy_KityKat posted a story in his bloggy today (see his blog for details - about a sweet, gentle, loveable senior doggie in need of a home.  Just look at dat face.  Check out his bloggy and you see Lacy with children too. 

Can you help out by just posting this link or tweeting it if you are on Twitter.   It would be nice to see this senior doggie get a good home.  You can just direct your referral to to get the complete scoop on this doggie.

Crossed OTRB 11/26/10
Now I'm feeling terrible because I was going to do a tribute to my dear friend  @HollieCatRocks, who crossed the bridge on Friday, November 26th, as my next post this week.  I will still do that, but probably not until Sunday. But typical me - other stuff is getting in the way again.  Hollie would probably would be the first to agree (because she was so very kind and helpful to others) that these stories should be given priority. But I want you to please take the time to go over to her bloggy because she wrote the most touching, heart melting, sweet bloggy about her last days.    Please go over and pay your respects to this sweet girl:  
Better take a box of tissues with you.  This bootiful girl will melt your heart.

Sorry this is so long pals, but felt all three were important to post.



Anonymous said...

Oh Mario, you are right i am the first to say that these are most important!! I told you not to worry about that for me, everyone has already including you been so supportive and shown so much love. It is an honor that #NipClub is doing a tribute for me and it can be part also to help @ChrisGroove1 and this wonderful angel miracle angel kitteh, donations in memory of me, makes my heart smile. Much love to you and M Mario. You are a good friend to all. XO

The Island Cats said...

Hi Mario. We're sorry to hear about Rosalee having stomatitis. We knew it was a bad disease, but we had no idea the treatment was so expensive!! We'll see if we can get our mom to donate some green papers.

And we're sorry to hear about @HollieCatRocks. We send purrs to her family.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

what a sad, sad post across the board.....I am posting/tweeting this now! xoxoxo
(((((hugs))))))) to everyone!

Your Daily Cute said...

I will definitely try to stop by #nipclub tomorrow and see if I can scrounge up some green papers to help Rosalee. Thanks for sharing all this, Mario. You are a good friend!

Cathy Keisha said...

Glad to help in any way I can even if it's just telling people to donate during my dj shift.

Bad Andy said...

BIG THANKS Mario, for putting Lucy on your blog! I am keeping the faith that a wonderful peeple will see it & know they need Lucy like she needs them. xoxoxo ~Andy