Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blizzards Can Be Fun

Hi Pals

A couple of days ago we had something dat my peeps called a Blizzard.   I don't know what dat word means, but I do know they stayed in the house with me all day and we watched white stuff fall from the sky.   On Sunday morning when we looked out the patio door, this is what we saw!!  Boy, did my peeps ever grumble!  Dey said something bout getting 12 inches of "crappy white stuff."  But I thought it was kinda fun.
M feeds the birdies and always puts a pan of seed out for squirrels, rabbits, and any other critter dat wants to eat.   She didn't have anywhere to go with the pan cuz of all the snow, so she set it on top of the snow dat was on the step right outside the window.   Pretty cool kitty TV for me! 

Mr. Squirrel knew I was watching him cuz every now and den he'd stop eating and look in the window at me - thumbing his nose at me cuz I couldn't get him with the glass there.
Den all of a sudden, he took a big leap, clawed at the screen - I really tried hard to get him!  Darn window!  Hey M - "could you please get rid of dat stupid window?"

Den D had to go and ruin my fun by getting dat noisy machine out to help him clean off the patio.   Don't know why he couldn't just leave all the snow there - it was fun for me.

Well, since there isn't anything to watch, guess I might as well take a nap on my new heated blankey dat was a gift from my good friend @PumpkinPuddy.  Can you believe she gave this nice blankey to me dat she won at a pawpawty?   I nearly fainted when she said it was mine.  I hope when she sees this bloggy and knows it's great in blizzards, she doesn't want it back cuz she lives where dey sometimes gets blizzards too.

I just loves dis blankey cuz it's so toasty warm.   Thanks Pumpkin, cuz it was purrfect to sleep through a blizzard on this nice blankey.  SMOOCHES to Pumpkin!  

This was a pretty cool Blizzard day.  I still don't understand why my peeps were so grumpy!


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Awww that was sooooo sweet of Pumpkin to give you that wonderful blanket! It is purrfect for a blizzard!

Mario my Mom LOVES that you feed the squirrels and birds too because my Mommy does as well (she had to tone it down cause the neighbors got mad cause we are on 2nd floor and the squirrels used to crawl up our building MOL)

So now Mom just throws a few nuts, etc down on the ground.
You have some excellent "Kitty TV" there!
Love, Cody

Pandafur said...

That cat tv iz pawsome Mario! You iz so lucky, I wish you cudda catched an played wiv dat skwirrel. Izn't @PumpkinPuddy teh sweetest kitteh to gives you such a luvly, cozy prezent? Keep warm! xoxox

Cathy Keisha said...

Mario, I love your markings. Those pics are so sweet of you watching cat-tv. Believe me, you don't want M to get rid of the window. You'd freeze your fur off. It is so cool that Pumpkin gave you the blanket she won. It's so YOU! PS: Gramma used to feed the squirrels out the window until 1 came into the house. Then she left a tray of peanuts in the yard.

Anonymous said...

That so nice of pumpkin to give you blanket! MOL! Keep warm, and i hope one day you catch the squirrel but probably best the windoww is there xo

Backcountry Brodie said...

Oh wow, how pawsome to has a skerrel so up close and pawsonal! My sisses and I would has so freaked out ofur that. I don't think a window could has holded the three of us back. Need to go find a pan and some seeds... Amazingly, skwerrels can dance in front of me on the hiking trail and I will not react but at my howse, they do be fair game. (Pee Ess - woz thinking about you in the blizzard and glad you and your peeps be OK even if they do be cranky.)

Pumpkinpuddy said...

You had a squirrel come right to the door! You do have the best cat tv. We don't even have squirrels yet where I live. The trees are getting bigger so we should get them eventually. I do get to watch lots of bunnies and birds.

I'm so glad you like the blanky and are getting good use out of it. Here it wouldn't get much use. Our winters really aren't very cold. In fact it's 65F today. Can you imagine? Halfway through December and it's 65F.

Enjoy your squirrels and your blanky!

Katnip Lounge said...

We would have gone ballistic when that squirrel climbed the screen! OMC, we're twitching, just imagining it.
Your heaty blankie is marvelous...we have heaty pads and they ARE great. Why beans moan about the weather we'll never understand. They should just stay in and nap like we do.

The Island Cats said...

We got some of that white stuff too! We like how close your squirrel TV was!! Too bad that window was in the way. And that's a cool...oh we mean warm...blanket!! How nice of PumpkinPuddy!

Sparkle said...

That squirrel was probably jealous that you got to stay indoors where it was nice and warm and he was stuck in the snow!

Clooney said...

Wow, you'z so close to theese squirrel, now that's some good entertainment...Lots of snow, eh (a little Canadian for ya). All I can say is that you made an excellent score with that warm blankie!

Oskar said...

Cat TV looks pawsome! How nice of Pumpkin Puddy to give you that heaty blankie.

Nubbin wiggles,

Tamago said...

That squirrel looks huge!! Maybe because he is being fed so well :-)
It is very nice of your friend Pumpkin to send you such a nice blanket. It looks very warm!

Thank you for visiting my blog :-)

perry said...

i donut noes wut dat white stuff is but it luks kinda cold! gud thing u has dat niz blankie dat pumpkin puddy sended u 2 curlz up in!!

sup wid dat skwerl?? meowsa!! dats sum gud tv watchin mai pal!! *hi-paws*

Marg said...

Wow that is one brave squirrel to jump on your screen. Maybe he was asking for a different flavor seed. That was a little norty of that squirrel. What a wonderful warm blanket that pumpkin puddy gave to you. Take care and have a super day.