Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mario's Muesings - Sunday

Well, M (my human mom for those of you that do not know) started this blog with good intentions. But, she started feeling intimidated because of so many wonderful friends who are writers by profession have great blogs. You see, I'm just a simple average, loveable kitty, and she is just plain mom. We don't exactly lead the most fascinating life - rather boring actually. She started this blog with the intentions of telling my story. Neither one of us knows the first thing about writing a blog, and we not very artistic, so our blog will be rather "just plain Jane." Now, if we haven't totally bored you already, perhaps you'd like to come back in a week and we'll add a little more. In the meantime I'll post a recent picture of me. To show you how dumb we are at this, we aren't even sure where this will appear. Here goes.......
Okay - well dat didn't work out quite like we thought it would. Next time we'll know.
My human sisfur (Kim) and her husband (Ken) got two boy gerbils for Christmas. They stopped at our house before taking them home so I could meet the little guys. You can see one peeking thru the little hole in the house. I just knew there was something very interesting in there cuz the humans were intently watching the glass box. Boy - I wanted to get in there so badly. They were so cute and scurrying all over, investigating their new home. Wouldn't they be fun to play with, I thought! I was positive they were presents for me cuz Sisfur named one "lunch" and the other "dinner." They really have Italian names, but that is the meaning in English. Like they would really let me eat their new Christmas present for lunch or dinner!
Well, if you aren't totally bored, come back and visit again in a week. We'd love to see you again.
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Mom (she's the typist cuz - dah - I can't type)

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Cat with a Garden said...

Hi Mario, we found you on some blog and wanted to say hello to you. Those gerbils look VERY interesting! It's hard to see the best presents going with someone else, isn't it?
Nice to meet you!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli