Saturday, August 20, 2011

What The Heck Is PD? / Thankful Thursday

That's NOT supposed to be there!

Hi Pals

I need to share some news with you and am making this part of the Thankful Thursday blog hop because we are thankful at our house.  Things can always be worse.   All of  my Twitter pals already know , but somehow I has been too busy with important stuff in the blog to share it with all of you.

M and D both have some kind of disease called Parkinson's.   Dat's such a big word and I don't know xactly what it means, but I do know D was told last summer dat he had it, and M was told I guess in February.   All I know is, whatever it is, I hope I won't catch it too.   I also know dat both of dem shake a lot, and M has trouble walking.   D is on some kind of medicine dat helps him, but when the ooman v.e.t. tried to give it to M, she got sick, was coughing up hairballs or trying to, walked funny, kept bumping into things, and stayed in bed a lot.   She said it made her brain funny and head dizzy!   he he - I told her she's usually dizzy anyway.  

Den dat ooman v.e.t. took her off dat medication and gave her some other kind.  She's not coughing up hairballs anymore and doesn't walk funny or bump into things, but now she shakes more.    Sometimes all dat shaking is worse den at other times.  

The the other day she was back to the ooman v.e.t. because she her fingers were starting to go numb. Dat v.e.t. gave her an EMG test where he stuck some needles (shudder) in her arm den shocked her with a zapper. She said it was something like sticking your finger in an electrical outlet (whatever dat is). So now she also has cubital tunnel syndrome. (She sure has some funny sounding things going on). I guess dat means nerves are squished in or around her elbows. She has decided she'd better do something bout correcting this cuz the v.e.t. said he would have to cut her open and fix the nerve. (shudder). So, she's trying to be careful with how her arms are positioned when she's at the puter  and takes breaks. 

She said I should send her apology for any mistakes she makes in commenting on bloggies  or  tweets.   Sometimes she can hardly keep her fingers on the right keys, and other times she can type pretty good.   One of my friends on Twitter (TinyPearlcat)  says we should get one of those fancy puters dat you can talk into and it types words for you.   We probably will consider dat at some point, but M keeps hoping eventually the medication will work - she says the ooman v.e.t. said they would be playing around with medications until they get it right and it will take time.  She also hoping she can correct the Cubital Tunnel Syndrome by watching what positions her arms are in.,   So she's extra careful with how she sleeps at night to - no more self-hugs.  he he

Hmm, I wonder if one of those fancy puters understands cat language!  ooo, that could be fun - I'd just meow at the puter and it would type for me.   I'd have free use of the puter!

I had heard M and D talking bout moving a few weeks ago, but den dey bought one of these gizmos (called  a stair climber).
Some men came one day and put this on our basement steps.  I inspected their work when they left, and they did a good job.  M said it has to sleep in the basement, and they just push a button on a little box and the funny thing starts moving up the steps all by itself.  One of these days I'm going to race it up the stairs.  Bet I can beat it!

It's not scary at all.  After it had been here for a few days, M picked me up and put me on her lap for a ride.  I just don't look very happy because, well,
I like to climb the steps myself.   But M thought I should have a ride to get used to it.   (Shhh, M's not sad, that's just how people with PD look - they quite often forget to smile for the camera cuz she was busy trying to keep me from escaping and getting hurt.

I'm excited bout the stair climber thing cuz now my peeps don't talk about moving again.   I didn't like dat idea at all cuz all my smells are in this house, and I have it furred up just the way I want it. 

The grandson of some friends  (Harrison) comes once a week and mows the grass for D, so he doesn't have to mow.  D said he will find someone to help with snow shoveling too in the winter.   And, M is happy because D uses the stair climber thingy to send things up and down the steps.   Now M doesn't worry about him falling down the steps like she did before.

So, pals, we has a lot  to be thankful for at our house.

Dat's all for dis time.  Sorry this is so long.


Now it's your turn to hop on the blog hop and tell us what you are thankful for.


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Oh my friend... I hope your M&D can feel the cuddles I'm sending them. I'm glad you have people that can help you guys out from time to time.

Angel Simba said...

That elevator thingy is very cool. We are sorry both your parents have PD, and hope the medicines will be as good as possible. My Dad had surgery for his carpal tunnel in his one hand, but I think it is more complicated for the elbow. Something happened earlier this year with my Mom's hands getting numb, and she thinks it had to do with her neck, not her elbows or wrists, especially the way it happened to both at the same time. It got better on its own. Tell Mum to be sure not to rest on her elbows.

Mom also read some stuff about neck injuries and PD that can be helped by special type of chiropractic adjustments.We hope your humans can get some good answers from the right doctors.

Also, there IS software for the computer for speech recognition, without having to buy a new computer. It is called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Purr from me and Audrey to you all.

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing that with us pal, and you know that we're all sending purrs to M & D. I think that stair thing is purrfect and it is great that you got a ride too.

Pandafur said...

Iz sad your m & d haz that shakeyz thing but thoze stairz macheen iz rilly kewl an you wuz brave to go on it. Its grate your pawrents can stay in your howse now cuz you wud miss em if they moved away an you duzn't want to move, trust me!

Marg said...

We are so sorry to hear about M and D and are sending lots and lots of strong purrs to them. How great it is that they have that good attitude. That is so important. Mom found that out when she got cancer. Love the stair climber. Good for you to ride with Mom. Tell Mom not to worry about typing some words funny. Take care.

Oskar said...

It seems hard to have PD, but I'm glad that they have you & loving family & fancy stair machines.

Nubbin wiggles,

Tamago said...

We are sorry to hear about PD that your M and D have. That stair climber must be very helpful. And they must be so happy that you are with them.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Sorry to hear about M and D's PD. We haf a close furriend wif PD and she's haffing surgery on Nov. 2 to implant sumthing to help with it. We are very excited! We agree, there's always sumthing to be thankful fur, too. Your M looks good. Take care of M and D! Purrs and purrayers fur you and M and D. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your folks got the stair thingy so you don't have to move. Having to move from a place you love would be very sad.

The Island Cats said...

Mario, we're sorry to hear M and D have PD. We are purring for them. That stair climbing thingey looks like it could be fun for you and very helpful for them.

Cathy Keisha said...

Our Aunt had PD so we know all about it. I hope M read the articles we DMed to you and they helped some. Healing purrz to both M and D. Smooches to you. xoox

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

(((((hugs)))) of course Mom and I are always missing on the most impawtant days!

We were so sorry to read this but are thrilled for you and your new chair! Didn't they used to have one of these on "Bewitched?" I remember being a kid and wanting one!

(((((hugs))))) I sure wish Mom and I lived by you so we could come over and help
We love you!

Team Tabby said...

Mario, we are sorry your M & D has PD, but they are not letting that stop them from making adjustments so they and you can stay in your home, great. We are interested in how the voice recognition software works out. All the very best to you!!

Prudence said...

Sending lots of coonhound hugs to your M & D (and to you too buddy!)

marley said...

Ello for you my pal. I send Marley hugs for M&D and ope they is doin ok. My mum did ave a arm problem which means she dunt do much typin. She did investigate some speakin software (Dragon) but it dint werk so well so mebbe dont try that one. And my grandma has a stair chair like wot you got cos she has trubble walkin and she like it lots and is very happy she can get up and down stairs wiv it and the grandkids like ridin it too...and so does Daisy her cat!!

Clooney said...

Mario, buddy, we are so behind at my house in visiting so we apologize. But we just caught up on all your posts and wanted to comment on this one even though it is a while back. You, your Mom and your Dad are all so special and have such a great attitude. We will keep your M & D in our thoughts and prayers and send them the best wishes for their health. It's excellent that you did get to check out the stair-climber thingy and that it helps your M & D so much. Blessings to you all.