Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Beginning - New Home

I know many of you are anxious to hear how I became toothless. Well, today we’ll get started on dat, but it is a very long story – too much for 1 day M says. In fact, it’s ongoing. So, please stay with us.

The car ride seemed to take forever and it was scary. M tried her best to talk to me and comfort me, but I was worried bout this place called VET. We finally got der, and I met the nice lady VET. She poked around on me a little, den made me open my mouth. Hisssss, I no like dat at all, but I let her do it. “Oh dear,” said VET lady. “This is a nice little boy you have here, but he will need to have his teeth cleaned and maybe a couple of them pulled” Well, I didn’t like the sound of dat at all. VET lady told M to bring me back another day with an empty tummy! Oh, no – I thought. Now what have I gotten myself into. I’m going to go hungry and then they will take my teeth out!  Maybe being adopted isn’t so good after all! M told VET lady dat they wanted to make sure I was pretty healthy kitty so they not have to be faced with big bills. M told her they are retired and income is very limited. (whatever all dat stuff means.)

VET lady said no worry – “just get teeth cleaned, and he might have to have a couple pulled depending on what I find.” "Other than the toothie problem he is a healthy cat." VET lady even told M “You have a good boy here,” cuz I was being such a good boy and even purred a little for VET lady.

Well, I finally got to my new home and had fun exploring. The first thing my peeps did was to take me down some steps into something called a basement and put me in a litter box. Guess they thought I’d be a dumb little boy and not be able to find it on my own. (Sometimes those oomans aren’t very bright!) It was fun in the basement, cuz there are lots of things down there to crawl around and into. He he – I even came out of one hiding place with something called cob webs hanging from my whiskers. M said I looked so funny, and now she wishes she would have taken a picture of me. After a few minutes of exploring, I was ready to see the next room. Dad was stretched out on something called a recliner. I thought that looked like a good place to be, so I jumped up on his lap and started purring. I made myself comfy and stayed there purring for a long time. I didn’t even care to see the other rooms of the house cuz I was happy I had found a forever home with good laps to sit on. Purrrrrrrrrr

Dis pic is of me on Dad's warm, cozy lap.  It's a good place for naps!

Well, I did eventually explore the rest of the house and found my food dish and water. What more could a little guy like me want – food, water, litter box and a warm lap!

M & D were very surprised dat night when I proceeded to jump right on the bed, snuggle down and sleep with them. M said it was like I had lived der for years and knew dat’s where I was supposed to sleep.  (Well, duh - where else would I sleep!)

The next morning I heard M and D discussing what name they should give me. Well, M went off to some place called “the office.” When she came home later, she said a friend at work said I should have an Italian name because M & D had just come back from a Mediterranean cruise and had made 5 stops in Italy. Dat nice lady thought I should be called Mario! So you see, dat is how I got my name. He he, I’m not even Italian.

Now come back next week because dat story is all about how I became toothless!


Anonymous said...

What a wonerful story so far! I love the way you write handsome. You write frum the heart. xo you were the purrfect date for #dudefest, you were amazing and purrfect gentleman.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I was afraid to ask you about your teeth so I am glad you are going to tell the story. You do look like you were born to sit on that lap!

Robyn Harton & The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Grate story! (Humans can be silly huh?)

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

Good for that nice lady. Mario fits you perfectly.

Cat with a Garden said...

Oh Mario, we somehow missed the following parts of your story. Now we can read all in one go, that's cool too. About the naming: I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat but I'm named after the Italian city Siena. My sisfur is a rescue cat from Rome. So we think an Italian name is very cool!
Siena & Chilli