Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 Kitties Needing Homes - HELP

This is Mario’s mom reporting today.

@PeroDaCat’s mama is scheduled to move to an Assisted Living Facility in Arizona March 1st.  Much to her sadness, she has to find a home for 3 of her 4 dear kitties. The Assisted Living facility will only allow her to bring one kitty with her. Imagine how you would feel if this were to happen to you. So 3 kitties are up for adoption.

I have pictures of 3 of the kitties – all are indoor kitties only.

Pero - showing off his big, beautiful fluffy tail.
Age 2 to 3
Personality: Laidback

Gwim (the Panther)
Age 2
Personality (Silly monkey with brains)

Mama Kitty  (2 pictures of Mama Kitty)
Age 1.5
Personality (kinda bossy, but cuddly)

Abby (Tortie)   
Age 10
Personality (Scaredy Cat)

@ForeverGinger has started a fund raiser to help with cost of transporting these cats to new homes, ineeded. Please consider helping – every little bit helps and we are trying desperately to find homes for the kitties. Please read Ginger’s page for details.

@Hollieferguson has a link posted on her blog page also

Pero’s mom has been agonizing over which kitty to keep. She has decided that whatever kitty doesn’t find a home, she will keep that one. Please help spread the word that these kitties need homes.  If you have some information or have a lead that might helpful, please email and she will forward the information to Pero's mom.

If you are on Twittr, you can contact any of the following names as they also have Pero's email address. 

@MaggieTKat - who has also posted this information on the Maine Coon adoption site.

Or you can tweet @PeroDaCat's mama directly if she follows you.  If she doesn't follow you, that won't work.  It might be a little harder to reach her as I don't see her on Twitter every day.

Do not try to contact me for 2 weeks.  We are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning 2-12-10 and won't return until 2-26-10.  Even though I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks, thoughts and prayers will be going out to @PeroDaCat's mama and the kitties.

My special thanks to @ForeverGinger and @Hollieferguson for their helpfullness in taking over since I can't be here and for all the work they have done behind the scenes to help out.

Special thanks also to @Rumblepurr for his posting the information on

Also thanks to @Flicka47, @LouPeb, @ChesireK and @MaggieTKat for holding on to the email address and being contact people.

We have an amazing group of animals and humans who always seem to come through in helping others.  I just know we will again this time


Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job wif this Mario. xx

Cathy Keisha said...

Ma wishes so much that she wasn't allergic cos she'd love to take one. We'll def ask around for u.

Michelle said...

Good luck to @PeroDaCats mama. I just tweeted this to help get the word out.

Busy Buttons said...

*sniffles* So sad... You're such a good friend to help out, Mario.

Your Daily Cute said...

Aw, this is so sad! I can't imagine having to choose and not being able to take all the babies. :( Poor woman.

I hope these loved babies find good homes soon. They are beautiful!

M Dawson said...

@DashKitten and I (@Whskr) are glad to help. We put the Ship-in on our blog too and are tweeting regularly.

Let's hope we can get them rehomed.

jenianddean said...

Good luck! I couldn't imagine having to split us up. (But I know Mom and Dad would pick me to stay with them...)

Beth said...

What lovely cats. I hope they all find wonderful loving homes. God bless...Beth and Gracie

The Island Cats said...

Oh we hope they can find new homes....even though it's so sad that they can't stay with their mom...

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

We iz purrin n will post da word at Bonanzle where we gots a store.

Preston Benjamin said...

This is an amusing but a sad post! Good luck on the transfer to an assisted living facility.

Rosie PosieTom said...

OMG poor lady having to choose which kitty to take - I really hope the others get secure loving homes.

Mookie said...

Poor kitties, I really hope they'll find a new furever home!!! You're sooooo nice to help, Mario!!! I have a surprise for you... Please have a look!!!