Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Did My Toothies Go - Part 3

Well, friends, if it seems like dis story has gone on and on, you are so right. It’s still going on a little bit anyway. The Dentist decided on 9-22-09 dat the 4 canines needed to be removed. My immune system doesn’t like toothies or the bacteria associated with them. So, I went to sleep again.

I has to tell you, when all your toothies are gone, your mouth feels really funny for awhile anyway. The first two days after they were pulled, I kept rolling around on the floor because it felt so funny. M said I was on pain killers for 5 days, so I wasn’t hurting. I just didn’t like the feeling of no toothies. I didn’t feel like eating much either. M was about going crazy trying to find things I’d eat. M says my Twitter friends were so very helpful with suggestions on what to try and do and so was the Dentist. My food was mashed or thinned down with cat milk for a couple of weeks. Most of my food was yummy, some not so yummy. M gave the food I didn’t like to a friend who feeds a feral kitty, and dat kitty was thankful to get it. He he – I suppose if you is very hungry, you will eat anything. After lots of days, M surprised me and put my dry kibble in the bowl. Boy, dat really tasted good and I ate it all up. He he –My peeps even broke their own rule and started sharing their fish, chicken and tuna with me. About the only thing I can’t eat now is ooman beef cuz it’s too tough for me to chew with no toothes!

Dat’s a pic of me eating my dry kibble just to prove to all my friends dat you can still eat kibble or crunchy things after you has no toothies.

When I saw the dentist again for my checkup, the redness was still der. He called a pet formulary pharmacy and had a special medication made up just for me. He had been doing research, and another vet in California (wherever dat is) had a lot of success with dat medication for kitties like me. I was on dat stuff for about 4 weeks. He he – it was chicken flavor, it really was pretty tasty. I still took it under protest tho, just cuz I don’t want peeps to think I like meds. (Please don’t tell M or the Dentist tho. It’s a matter of principal. We cats are not supposed to like medicine.)

I was just back to see the dentist about a month ago because M & D were concerned dat there was still redness way in back of my mouth. The Dentist told M and D not to worry because there was no infection.   Since I was eating well, not in pain, playful, and back to being a normal kitty, he’d leave it alone. He said he could do surgery to remove all the bad tissue, but didn’t want to go dat route yet. He told my peeps dat his theory is “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” (he he – I like his attitude. Don’t want no more surgery – ever!) He did take pictures of my mouth with a camera dat day so he had something to compare with if I came back again. M says it was so funny, cuz der were about 5 peeps hovering over me all trying to see in my little mouth. I didn’t think it was funny tho cuz I still don’t like anyone prying my mouth open. How would the peeps like it if 5 of us cats pried open der mouth and peered inside!

So friends, finally the end of my toothie story. M and D say I have been such a good boy throughout the 14 months this was happening. I has to admit, I was a good boy and only gave everyone a little hard time now and den – I am a cat you know, and that’s what cats are supposed to do.

I don’t know much bout money cuz I don’t have any. But M tells me dat what dey spent on my toothie problem, she and  D could take two 2-week cruises. But, she always adds dat I was worth it cuz I’m such a sweet, loveable boy who brings dem lot of joy! She also tells me dat if dey run out of money, I’ll have to get a job and support dem! He he - I was telling @JessicaKorman dat one day, and she suggested I become a professional lap sitter. If you hear of any job openings, let me know. I would do a very good job and am dependable.

I want to thank all my Twitter friends for their thoughts, prayers and concerns during my toothie ordeal. You were always der for me and M and were so very helpful with suggestions. We loves you all.

I also want to thank all my faithful blog readers for listening to me go on and on about my toothies. Hopefully, I won’t be blogging about dem ever again cuz I don’t have any! He he

I’d also like to thank Dr. Kressen for taking such good care of me for 6 months. If any of my animal friends are having serious toothie problems, I would highly recommend you visit Dr. Kressen’s website at: and become informed as to what your options might be. If you live in WI or close to our boarder and your vet wants to refer you to a specialist, I would highly recommend Dr. Kressen. His office has seen clients from all of our neighboring states. They truly love each animal they care for der. We are very fortunate to have him so close – only an hour away.

Oh – and they have the neatest resident cat living der, named Sebastian. He just showed up on the doorstep of the clinic one day a few years ago. He is now their official ambassador/greeter. When the oomans sit down in the waiting room, Sebastian will jump up on the nearest lap and start purring. When you check Dr. Kressen’s website out – scroll thru the first page. Halfway down is a picture of a long-haired, light-orange kitty dat’s being held my one of the techs. Dat’s my friend Sebastian.

Please come back next week tho cuz M says I have an adventure coming up. Geeesh – I hope it isn’t anything like the toothie ordeal.

Notable Timeline: Maro was adopted 10-15-08. Our local vet pulled 2 teeth on 2-24-09 and indicated it looked like Mario had lost 1 tooth earlier in his life via some unknown reason. Dr. Kressen pulled all teeth except 4 canines on 7-29-09.  4 canines were pulled on 9-22-09.  Last check-up trip to Dr. Kressen was 12-14-09.


Rosie PosieTom said...

Wow that was such a great tale Mario - a real Blockbuster. Your vet sounds like a cool guy. And you can always rely on your Twitter pals to help you through the tough times.

Hooray for gummy kitties.

jessie said...

yes, i highly recommend mario as a lap sitter, and i even offered up my lap (though, i was wondering if you would work for me pro bono since i have no job) but definitely include me as a reference!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad your problems with your toothies are over, Mario!

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

Wow, that is some story Mario! I'm glad you're doing great and can eat most anything you want now in spite of it all. *high wing*

Pandafur said...

Wat a story Mario, you iz a rilly brave kitteh cat and I know you will do good wivout your teefs but Iz sorry you did haz to looz dem.

jinjinpixelsbloggy said...

You were such a good boy throughout the whole ordeal (except of course keeping the Kitty supremacy rules which you had to do). You're such a good story-teller Mario, we are looking forward to many more of your adventures.

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm glad you still can eat almost anything. I hope you don't have to go to the V-E-T until next December at least. You deserve a break.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Oh wow, Mario you've been through so much! Our mummy says you're way better than a cruise, and she'd hire you as a lap sitter any day.

Parker said...

Mario, I know you would make an awesome professional lap sitter.
Your story was very interesting and I am glad you feel better without those troublesome toofies!

GLOGIRLY said...

Mario, you are a trooper! You've got such a positive attitude given all the toothie drama you've been through. We could all learn a thing or two from you! I'm so surprised you can eat your crunchy kibble now! I love my crunchy stuff and it would be hard to live without it. Sometimes you just gotta crunch!

We enjoyed reading about your adventure and are looking forward to the next one. But we agree, hopefully it won't be about toothies!

(Glogirly's cat)

Yoda_the_Dog said...

My human grand dad (he is now over the bridge with his dog Bo Bo) had all his teethies pulled and he could eat everything he could before except lettuce. We thought it was funny he couldn't eat lettuce but could eat steak. Thanks for sharing your story. Mom is brushing my teethies every night.

ihavecat said...

it was so nice to hear the entire story of what happened to your teeths Mario. it sounds like you have been through a LOT and have had a very good attitude and that your mommy and daddy love you very very much!
hope you stop by my bloggie and meet my 2 boys Petie and Kip!

Busy Buttons said...

Wow - you can eat dry kibble without any teeths?! I'm impressed, my friend.

Sorry you had to go through all of that. I'm happy that you're happy now, too! Hope it's a fun adventure coming up...

Unknown said...

Yikes! I fink I better give my mum less of a problem when it comes to brushing my toofies. The story wasnt too long at all. I fink it was very interesting. I'm very happy it had a happy ending. ~^..^~ She want's to add your dentist link to her blog!

Bear said...

Wow Mario! You are such a brave boy. You should get the best boy award. I'm so proud to have you as my friend. BIG BEAR HUG.