Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dis is Mario with a special news bulletin:  @Catsalady sent M an email message on March 29th stating she found an assisted living faciity dat she really likes. M asked her if I could publish her message in my bloggy, and she said "yes." So, here it is in her own words.

"Hi Friends and Family:

Yes, the move to assisted living is happening.  I toured the place this morning and decided it will be the right place for me.  The apartments are rather small studios, but there is a huge balcony outside which I think makes up for the small size.  The place has good "vibes" and friendly staff and residents.  There is a total of 70 units, so it's not one of those huge places where you feel like you are just another name/number to the staff.  The dining room is nice, with alternative meal selections for people like me who don't care to eat meat that much.  They have a great activities director who has scheduled everything from crafts, to visiting the Chinese Cultural Center, to picnic with fishing, to movies, and more.

My official moving date is April 14th, so I may have a few days before/after without internet (which also means my softphone/MagicJack phone might not be up).  Of course, my cell phone will be on for emergencies, but I'll try to get the phone and internet running as soon as possible.

My packing is coming along since my main home-help attendant has been good about getting lots done for me.  I will have to downsize my stuff, but I haven't yet quite figured out just what will stay and what will go. 

Oh, and one more piece of good news!  They will not be charging me a pet deposit there!  I can keep Abby and Gwim and not have to worry."

This is all very good news and M and I are so happy for Catsalady, Abbey and Gwim.  Their new home sounds purrfect for them.

Come on everyone - let's celebrate - up on your feet - we're doing the Happy Dance with @Catsalady.

(Grabbing Abby and Gwim's paws in mine, weeeee - twirling around @Catsalady's wheelchair - all doing the "Happy Dance.")

This is M talking:  Abby and Gwim did receive their three shots (Rabies, Dystemper, and Feline Leukemia) on Saturday, March 27.  They are set for a year.  @ForeverGinger reported that the bill has been paid to the vet for the shots.  A check for the remaining money has been sent to @Catsalady to be used for future expenses for the kitties.

@Catsalady has expressed her gratitude to me and to all of you through general tweets.   I know she is very appreciative for this assistance.

Mario and I could not have  helped  @Catsalady all by ourselves.  It was because of the group effort of our online community and the generous donations of our Twitter friends that we were able to place two kitties in another home (where they are doing well) and help @Catsalady pay for the necessary shots to bring Abby and Gwim up to state code.  A big THANK YOU to our donors:  (I'm sorry that we don't have all of the Twitter names to match the donors.  To keep anonymity, I am listing only the first name).  Please let me know if you wish to have your full name listed.)

Lisa and @SidTheCatahoula, @The_Curly_Bear
Elizabeth and @Dixie_Belle
Wendy and @Dogstoyevsky
Teresita and @Smokey8
Pamela http;//
Dana @DanaPixie
Trea and @Jazzydacat
Kathleen @Pisikas
Kirsten and @Morriscat @Nellijean
Elizabeth and @ThePixelMoon
Kim and @GingerWalker
Mary and @Mariodacat

Thanks also to anyone who regularly RT'd the many tweets asking for help. 

As you know, I had to leave for vacation about 5 days after I saw @Perodacat's initial plea for help in finding homes for himself and his three siblings.  (As it turned out, only 2 kitties had to be placed in a new home and 2 are now able to go with @Catsalady.)  @Forever Ginger and @Hollieferguson graciously volunteered to take over for me while I was away.  A big thank you to them for their many efforts. They came up with the idea of a fund raiser in case funds were needed to help transport the kitties to their new homes and/or help pay for any shots or other necessary expenditures.  They also helped broadcast the fund raising effort to the masses, stayed in contact with @Catsalady for any updates/changes, and provided support wherever and whenever possible.  @ForeverGinger has done an excellent job of managing the funds, carefully  thinking each proposed expenditure thru before authorizing  These are two very special animals with very capable, special humans behind them.

Let's all do the Happy Dance one more time because this real-life story definately has a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

You did most amazing job and M - this is wonderful news. so happy. xo

Unknown said...

Wow that is brilliant news! I am so happy! xxxxx

danapixie said...

Dear Mario, thank YOU so much for all you and everyone else involved did for Catsalady and her babies. You are a very kind kitty, very thoughtful, and all of us here appreciate that so much!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

We're doing the happy dance here too. We are very happy that @catsalady, Abby and Gwim have a new home.

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

*does a happy ducky dance* That is great news Mario. *high wing*

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Parker said...

Hurrah! Yay! Yay! Happy Dance time!

KimE said...

It is selfless act like that Mario that make this whole Anipal Twitter thingy worth being part of

Your Daily Cute said...

I love your happy dance, Mario! This is such great news! You are a great kitty for all the helping!