Friday, May 7, 2010

Update On @CatNamedSinbad

Dear Friends:

I'm just so excited friends cuz Sinbad got some pretty good news this week.  Dat's my friend Sinbad in the picture.  He went to the vet on Wednesday (5/5).  His poor mom said she was a nervous wreck not knowing what to expect this time and also worrying about what the lab tests might show, how miserable Sinbad might be, and what the vet would be like.  You see, she had visited a different vet a few days earlier and had bad vibes, so cancelled that appointment and had to find another vet.   Well, she was very pleased with the new vet and said even Sinbad didn't seem as scared as he usually gets when going for an appointment.

It's so cute, cuz his mama said she sang to him in the car all the while driving to and from to try to keep him calm (and herself too probably).  It reminded me of M and me when I go to the vet, only M talks to me while in the car.

Sinbad's lab tests were all good except for a "slight" elevation on the one measuring kidney function (whatever all that means).  The vet said, considering Sinbad is 10 years old, the slight elevation isn't  too much to worry about now.  He just wants to check it again in 6 months.

Sinbad had his toothies cleaned too.  Guess what - Dat vet didn't steal any of Sinbad's teeth.  Sinbad's mom said she was so happy she stayed away from the first vet because Sinbad did not need to have a tooth extracted, which is what the first vet wanted to do.  (Boy, wish I had gone to see dat second vet - maybe I'd still have teeth.)  So, we're very happy Sinbad had better news at the vet than was expected. 

@ForeverGinger contacted the vet later that day and paid the bill - so that's all cleaned up too.  Tomorrow (Saturday) Ginger will close out the fund and mail a check to Sinbad's mama for the remainder of the monies collected.  I believe Sinbad's mom starts her new job on Monday, May 17th, but I'm not positive if that's the date she starts work or is leaving for the National Park that day.  I will change this if I find out it's incorrect. 

Sinbad's mom emailed M dat night after they got home.  Sinbad was already knocking a ball down the stairs as she was writing, and seemed his normal self.  She was most happy with how the visit went and the outcome.  The following is a quote from her email message to M:

"I am beyond gratitude for how this fund raiser has given me last minute peace of mind both forSinbad's thorough care, and any remainder to help me since I am winging this entire departure on faith, and must pay for some medication for myself  that the pharmacist says I need to stay with for my own condition."

Sinbad's mom would like to contact everyone on Twitter herself, but their internet hookup was disconnected May 1st.  She now relies on picking up signals with the wireless from within the apartment building where she is staying, which is extremely unreliable and tends to go off  at any time whether she's in the middle of a sentence or not.  She added:

"I want so much to be sure everyone knows how much their love, care, and generosity means to me and Sinbad.  "

I know all of you join me and M in sending good wishes to Sinbad's mom as she makes her move and begins a new job.  We all feel bad that she has to be seperated from Sinbad, but M & I feel she has made the best decision she possibly could under the extreme circumstances. and some of you have indicated the same with your comments.  We want the best for the both of them.  Maybe one day they will be reunited.  In the meantime I knowSinbad's mom has indicated she plans to stay in close contact with Sinbad's new mama to make sure things are going well.

Please feel free to leave a comment for Sinbad & his mom if you wish.  Sinbad's mom has my blog address and does check it when she can.  If she isn't able to see the comments before she leaves, she will once she is established at Yellowstone National Park where she will be working.

To my Buddy Sinbad:  We will greatly miss you buddy.  I don't like saying goodbye because it seems so final.  Instead we'll look forward to seeing you again one day pal or talking with you on Twitter.  We love you and your special mama.  Maybe you could send messages telepathically to your mama and she can relay them to us now and then since she'll be talking to your new mama. 

Stay tuned for my next post sometime next week.  We want to thank everyone involved, especially the donors, and will also post any updates we happen to received from Sinbad's mom.



Pandafur said...

Such good news abowt dear Sinbad an hiz mama

Cathy Keisha said...

Glad to hear good news for a change. You're so sweet to care like you do.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Mario, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on Sinbad. Glad to hear he's doing better. Tell his mom not to worry about anything and we were glad to help.

Now we have to figure out how to get you some teeth. Does anyone make dentures for cats?

Your Daily Cute said...

I gave a little bit today even though Sinbad's vets bill were already paid. I hope it helps his mama some. And I hope we hear more good updates on Sinbad! :)

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Sinbad and Mummy-Sinbad - we send you so much purrs and wishes for a good future. We really hope that you can be back together someday.

All the best from us.

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

Thanks for the update Mario.

Sinbad and Mum - Lots of quacks and purrs and prayers from me and Sanjee *ducky hugs*

danapixie said...

dear Sinbad and Mum, I hope as you go off on your separate ways that you always remember each other. The love you shared, and that maybe one day you will be together again. I know this is hard on both of you and it was a decision not made lightly. I want to thank Mario and GInger for their fundraising for you, again they are the best pals! Go in peace and love.....

Everycat said...

Thanks for the update Mario. We're so happy that Sinbad's vet trip went well and he's in good health. We send both him and his Mum love, purrs and best wishes for the future. Some purrs must go to his new Mum too, we hope everything works out there and she converts to being a cat person.

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news Mario. THanks for the updates. Hope everything works out! You and Ginger has done amazing job in your efforts to help!xx

blindmaximus said...

Wait, his mom will be working in Yellowstone? That's not far from me! (Well, depending on what part she's working) if she needs anything, have her holler!

Busy Buttons said...

Yeah for the good news! My sissy had those "slight elevations" in kidney numbers for most of her life.

Keiko said...

Aw we are glad that Sinbad's vet visit went well and you guys did such a wonderful job supporting Sinbad and his mummy! We're sad that Sinbad and his mummy have to part now but I'm sure the tide will turn and one day they can be reunited! All the very best to Sinbad's mummy on her new job.
Lots of purrs for a bright future and Happy Mother's Day!
Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

Parker said...

Thank goodness he is going to be OK.
Smoochies to you for helping him!
Happy Mother's Day!

Honeybell said...

Purrs for our dear friend, Sinbad and hugs to his mama!!! This is only a little blip in life; you will be together again soon; paws to screen; xo

Rosie PosieTom said...

Good to hear Sinbad's doing well - you & Ginger have played a blinder. HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

Sinbad, I do hope that you are OK. I hope your mom's job goes well and that one day you and she will be together again.

Thank you to Mario & Ginger for arranging the fundraiser.

MarmaladeMorrisHuggles to you all,
Morris xxx

Poppy Q said...

Hi Mario, we have enjoyed reading about Sinbad and his mom and we wish them lots of luck.

Poppy Q