Friday, May 28, 2010

UPDATE From CatNamedSinbad's Mom


Just a short post today friends cuz we heard from Sinbad's Mom & wanted to share her info.   (ok - I no, I promised the story of Ladycat3, but will do dat for sure next week - you know how I gets side tracked!!)

Following is quoted from her email - and look - she even sent 2 pictures.

"I miss Sinbad so much that if I think of him I will cry.   

Please tell @ForeverGinger and everyone for me that I have much difficulty getting online. I am told I will not have internet at my location or even phone service unless I go out of the area. I wanted to drop you a few lines and tell you the most exciting things so far.

I've already seen the talk of this park - a mama bear with 4 cubs. To have 4 is almost unheard of. I've also seen a white wolf, grey wolf and black wolf today. The wolves were reintroduced into the park in 1995 and now there are several hundred. Tomorrow I go on a wake-up to nature tour as part of training at 6:15 am and also a horseback ride. Hope I see more bears and cubs. Saw bears yesterday and today. The cubs are little bundles of fur and frisky and watching them, when fortunate to see them, is an amazing moment.

The wolves and bears I don't have pics of because you can only see them with scopes. Love it here!

Love Deb missing Sinbad"

Boy - dat big thingy M calls a buffalo is sure big.  I don't think I want to get in his way!  he he - I'd be a flattened Mario!

This is Mario signing off.  We'll be back next week with the "Rise and Fall of Ladycat3."

Bye for now. 


bebipelucha said...

Always moved me this particular story, I know that love is eternal and that they will meet again.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

We're so happy she's doing well, and how exciting! So many different animals to see!

Your Daily Cute said...

Wow. That is a big buffalo! I love how traffic stops for him.

Mookie said...

WOW what a BIG buffalo!!! We don't have them here in Germany, only in the zoos!!!

I'm really looking forward to "the rise and fall of ladycat3!!! heehee

Christine and FAZ said...

Real bears, that is very exciting. FAZ

Rosie PosieTom said...

WOW she's seeing real life nature! I guess she's feeling Sinbad's absence despite all the exciting new things to see.
NOW Ladycat3....I'm intrigued

Busy Buttons said...

*sniffles* Missing sad!

*whispers* But that is a pretty cool buffalo...

Boris Kitty said...

at least hers job will keeps hers busy so mehbe da missin of Sinbad wont hurts so much.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story, i know they be together again! The rise and fall of LadyCat3 intriqued!