Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bunny Hop

Hi friends,
Today I have more exciting news.  I've just joined a "BunnyHop" so I'lll be hopping along with you to visit lots of new blogs. Another new adventure for a little rescued kitty.  Hope you "hang in here" with me as I'm not the most experienced blogger at trying something new.  It might take a couple of posts before we get this right.  If this works well on my first try, I'll be very surprised.   Here's a list of the blogs I'm hopping along with:

he he - surprise on me. It worked so well that I got two lists. Running back to editing section ............

Okay, I think I'm finally ready to join you in hopping around to blogs.

This is Mario signing off for this week.


The Island Cats said...

Have fun hopping!! said...

hmmm...I just showed this to mom- we are new to all this stuff too. We just might try out this 'linky' stuff too. Mom said she would check into it. Thanks!

baxter- the cat