Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #6: Adopt A less Adoptable Animal

Hi Friends: 

Imagine my surprise to find that this weeks' photo hunt is "Adopt A Less Adoptable Animal."   Well, it just so happens my little friend Graham fits that category.   Please meet Graham.

 Graham is about 5 months old.  She was turned into the shelter on August 14th as a "feral" kitten.   Graham was turned over to the shelter by her first human, who rescued her from a barn.  The huuman worked full time and Graham was alone all day.  She admitted she did not have much extra time to spend with Graham, teaching her how to be a good kitten and playing with her.   She gave Graham up because by the time she got home from work at night and had time to play with Graham, Graham was behaving like a wild kitten - biting scratching, etc.  Keep in mind Graham had been alone all day and probably had excess energy to wear off not to mention lack of human contact.

I happen to live in the same city as Graham.   So M has visited her at the shelter three times.  The first time, she took Graham into a little room and played with her with a string and a ball.   Graham behaved very well, even when M went to pick her up to return her to the shelter worker.  She did not seem feral at all on that visit.  See my blog post of September 15, 2010 to get details of how the 2nd and 3rd visits went.  She was more aggressive but maybe had a reason to be.

This little girl will make someone a good pet, if they have the time and patience to work with her.   The shelter does say they will not place her in a home with small children or other kitties because she can become easily over stimulated.  

If you can provide a good home for Graham or know someone who can, please contact the Bay Area Humane Society shelter at:   920  469-3110 directly, and tell them you are interested in adopting Graham.   You can also email them at

Now if you live in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan, M said she might be willing to drive 300 to 400 miles to meet you somewhere to turn Graham over to you.  But, first you have to make arrangements through the shelter for adoption and handle all the paper work and pay the adoption fee.  We don't want transportation to be a big issue if you can provide a good, forever home for Graham.  Now please, if you can adopt Graham, contact the shelter now.  Then let M know by leaving a note on my blog or if you are on Twitter, DM @Mariodacat.  We do have 3 animals/humans willing to run a relay to the states mentioned if transportation is an issue. 


1830 Radisson St.
Green Bay, WI 54302
P: (920) 469-3110

Note:  Today's photos of Graham were taken from the Bay Area Humane Society's website.   There are more photos of Graham taken by M on her visits posted in my September 15th blog post.

Now it's your turn to feature an animal that is considered less than the perfect animal for adoption.  Then hop aboard the Photo Hunt.


Backcountry Brodie said...

That Graham duss has the debil in her eye! We once placed a kitteh like that. She was borned feral outside a company but when the employees eated lunch, they shared with the kitteh and her mommy so the kitten growed up used to peeples. The kitten's prawblem woz she woz an only child so she had NO MANNERS WOTSOEBER and woz so bad about putting the bitey on. She did not grow up with siblings so she woz used to "me, me, me" attitude. A laydee did adopt her and called mom 9 months later to tell her the kitteh still be a total *itch but she lubs her lots and no way is we ever getting her back. Whew! About gibbed mom a coronary! So like they say, a lid fur efurry pot.

Pee Ess - To further confizzle you (lub that werd), I later realized they always say "eat crow" but I did not think they rilly meaned to eat a crow! Pencilvania mite not knows that.

Sparkle said...

Graham sounds a lot like my nutty roommate Binga... and the humans think she is the best cat ever! So I'm sure that Graham will is somebody's best-ever kitty - I hope whoever that is, is reading about her right now!

Sebastian said...

Graham is lovely! We will do everything we can to find this pretty girl a home!

Bunny Jean Cook said...

wat a pritty kitty - i'm sure der iz sumone who iz gonna luvs dis lil sweetheart! xoxo BJC

Kruse Kats said...

We are willing to transport the kitty to states surrounding Missouri. So if you'd love this little red long haired girl, please don't hesitate to let Mario of me know.

trinlayk said...

Do you think Graham would get along with an Australian Shepherd?

Our friends dog was fostering a lost kitty for about a week, and still misses her very much. (They found her humans her love her very much, but he misses his little friend.)

I haven't mentioned this to the dog, or his humans yet, but I did post a link to this blog from my facebook.

M Dawson said...

Hang in there Graham. Our Sienna was labelled 'feral' at one time. I dearly hope you find a home sweetheart.

* respectful and hopeful nosetaps *

Dash Kitten

Mariodacat said...

trinlayk I've been trying to track you down, but haven't been able to find a way to contact you. I hope you'll come back to this post to see this. I think Graham might get along with a doggie. She shelter did not say anything about not placing with a dog. They just suggest not placing with another kitty. If she is interested, I'd sure ask that question. We could certainly deliver to your area too - that's an easy drive.

Boris Kitty said...

Dat Graham iz gonna getz sum1 to lub herz I just knows herz will.

Morris said...

I so hope that Graham gets a furever home with plenty attention and lots to do!

Mario, trinlayk is on Twitter as @trinlayk - she's @Megumi_N_Seimei's human :)

Marg said...

Wow Graham is really cute. She probably just needs lots of attention to calm down. The feral cats take a long time to come around but with a little patience, they become wonderful pets. That was a great post.
We sure hope and are keeping our paws crossed that Graham finds a good home.
Have a great day.

HH and The Boys said...

Mario... That kitty Graham is so cute. I'm purring that she'll have a forever home before you know it. Who could resist?

The Island Cats said...

Graham sounds a lot like our Zoey...she was a semi-feral cat that was hanging around our dad's caught her and hoped to find a rescue group that could take her because whe needed some socialization. But all the rescue groups were full. So mom brought her home and the rest, as they say, is history. Zoey doesn't get along with Wally at all and is a little better with me. But we're working on it...if we could find another home for her we would, but, like Graham, she probably would be best as an only cat and homes like that are hard to find.


bebipelucha said...

Graham has the sad eyes as if she were about to mourn. She is a baby with many energies that just wants to play.
I feel very sorry for her because she needs lots of love. Graham must receive caresses the entire body to feel confident with human contact and do not feel ticklish.
Thank you very much to all who help small Graham

Unknown said...

Oh Mario,
We sure hope Graham will find a loving forever home very soon.
So nice and kind of you to feature her here.
Wish we could at least go visit her...
ginger n Buddy