Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad News/Good News Update on Gwim, Abby and @Catsalady

Well my friends, we'll have to postpone doing the "Happy Dance" with @Catsalady (Gwim & Abby's mom) for a little while longer.  @Catsalady has decided not to take the Assisted Living Center dat she visitied about two weeks ago.  She said to M dat it was not "toally wheel-chair accessible (no lowered counters, etc.)"   But, her caseworker has found two other locations that will have openings soon.  In fact, she is going to visit one of dem on Monday, March 29th.  Both of these places will let her bring her kitties with her.  (They'd better or I'll round up my friends and we'll all hiss at the assisted living places).

In addition to her many other health problems, @Catsalady has been diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome.  M xplained to me dat you feel very dizzy all the time and the room spins around you.   I guess it's called "vertigo" (whatever dat word means).  So, she has spent much of her time in bed and has not been able to put her things in boxes for the move.

Now the good news is - Abby and Gwim will get all three of their shots (Rabies, Dystemper, & Feline Leukemia) tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th.    Dat nice lady vet is going to @Catsalady's house.  he he - @Catsalady told M it should be interesting because it might take 2 oomans to hold dem down to get the shots.  She is going to put the kitties in their carriers though  before the lady vet comes so dey can't run and hide!  I'm happy Abby and Gwim will have all the shots dat could possibly be required by any of the assisted living places and they will meet the state code requirements for kitty shots.

More good news - The caseworker has approved additional home help time so @Catsalady will have more help in the packing up of her things.  They still have to work out the details of how they will move, so if anyone knows of someone in the Phoenix area willing to lend a hand, just contact @Catsalady on Twitter or let me know.  Otherwise, they will have to hire a moving van.

So friends, please stay tuned for another update.  In the meantime keep dem in your thoughts and prayers dat they find a suitable assisted living place.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you done to help @catsalady and Abby and Gwim. I am so very happy they all stay together...So all in all this is good news. Luv ya, xx

Mookie said...

Thank you for your update, Mario!!! I cross my paws for them, to find a good assisted living place!!! BIG HUGS to you, @catsalady, Gwim and Abby!!! :-)

Your Daily Cute said...

Thanks for the update, Mario. I really hope everything works out for all of them. I feel like it's been coming along for so long!

Keep up the good work and help!